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Why Vegan?

Recent data shows that 70% of the world’s population is eating less meat and since 2010 the number of new vegan products available has increased by over 250%.  The internet, and especially social media, has made it very easy to share information with a huge audience. This has enabled people to understand more about where their food comes from. 

How does So Vegan Market Work?

As the name says, So Vegan Market is a vegan Marketplace. Sellers open a store on SVM and sell their products! If you represent a vegan brand or a brand that offers vegan products you can sell them with us! You choose your membership plan, signup and from there you can configure everything about your store. Don’t worry, we are here if you need help and we have an extensive Help Center too! Opening your store is easy and quick. We offer 4 membership monthly plans and two annual plans for you! We also have a free membership! Check here.

Visit our Help Center!

In our Help Center we guide to open your store and ask all your questions about taxes, fees, payments, shipping, and more! Here some popular posts for you:

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